The white Polar Bear

Once I met a Polar Bear.

A real, huge Polar Bear.

He was totally white as the snow he was surrounded by. White were the head and the ears, white was the mouth, white were his paws, white his whole body.
The Polar Bear was lonely because nobody could see him in the white snow of the North Pole. He had no friends at all, so he was very sad.
He was tired of being alone, so one day he went to the Wise Seal who said to him:
-If you want to be visible, you will have to become a Bear.

Bears are brown, Polar Bears are white as the snow.-

-How can I become a Bear?- asks the Polar Bear.
-Paint yourself brown.- answers the Wise Seal.

Bear- Linda (5 anni)

Bear- Linda (5 anni)

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Chip, chip, chip is the voice
of a bird who sings with joy;
muuuu is the sound of a cow
while the dog barks bau, bau! + Leggi di Più

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